A second opinion: How might a Private Paediatrician Help?

Wed Jul 5, 2017

There are times when as a parent you just know someone is not listening. This can be heart-breaking when you are worrying about your child. Occasionally a group of symptoms can be noticed in a child, taken individually, might all be of little consequence, but taken together are important and serious.

Why consult a private Paediatrician?

Tue Jun 27, 2017

The NHS gives a fantastic level of care for most parents and their children and in the UK there is much that the private sector cannot deliver due to the high standards and universal cover that the NHS offers. I, like virtually all Consultants offering private paediatric services, spend most of our time looking after the most sick and complex of children, within the NHS. For most children, the NHS is exactly where they should be cared for, but occasionally this is not the case.