Babies Head Shapes

There are a few situations where a babies head shape can lead to some concerns. There is a range of medical terms that describe an abnormal head shape for example, scaphocephaly (long narrow head), brachycephaly (flat head at the back), turricephaly (tall head) or plagiocephaly (flattened at one side at the back of the head).

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

It would be very helpful if the note on inflammation is read first, this will orientate you with the how does it occur and help with understanding with what it might feel like to have IBD.


I hope this is one of the first of my notes that you read. Your doctor will often use the word inflammation and to an extent the lay understanding of inflammatory is correct when applied in the medical context, but not entirely.

A Gastrointestinal Sports Injury

Gastroesophageal reflux is the upward passage of stomach contents in to the gullet or mouth. The latter is felt as an unpleasant regurgitation, the former may be just indigestion and upper abdominal pain.